Methods to get free eshop codes

Millions and trillions of people love to play Nintendo games as it offers a wide range of games which are equally famous and in demand. Nintendo eShop is like an online shop that is available for one to let them download content on the Nintendo family along with WiiU home console.

With the help of free eShop codes and cards, players get the chance to download codes for various platforms such as Wii U, 3D games, and every other gameplay available on the Nintendo shop.

Nintendo has made all of its games exclusively available on eShop, and they are pretty expensive. No matter how much you love playing no one want to spend dollars every day to play the games unless you are rich.

The question now arises that are there any different ways to earn the eShop codes for free. The answer is absolute YES. We have spent days with bloggers and gamers to curate most of the working methods that you can try to get Free eShop codes. So, let us find out what they are:

1. Prize Rebel:

If you are a newbie who has just started playing on their Wii devices, then you might find the prices of games pretty expensive. All the people who don't want to spend their money but wish to get them for free can start using PrizeRebel.

You cannot just earn the codes by visiting the website. You need to complete specific tasks provided by them to earn points. When you have collected enough points then you can redeem these points to codes.

If Nintendo gaming is not your cup of tea, then you can use these points to earn gift cards like Amazon gift cards and Walmart cards. The reward claiming process is fast and straightforward. You can also transfer the amount directly to your bank account. Likewise, you can visit PointsPrize website to earn the free eShop codes.

2. Gold Points by Nintendo:

If you are a regular user, then you must know the value of Gold Points and how hard they are to obtain. You can win these gold coins only by purchasing games on eShop. Your sole purpose for earning these free eShop codes is for purchasing the game right! How about if you could get the games for free directly?

You can purchase the First Skunk Bundle for free in some limited time. But here is the good thing! The game is still qualified for the Gold Points rewards of the earlier price point and you have to do is to download First Skunk Bundle. You would also need a Wii U connected to the My Nintendo account to get the advantage of the Gold point.

3. Fiverr for free eShop codes:

You could spend your time on something productive instead of fooling around the Internet. Fiverr is an online freelance workplace where some people sell their skills and talents for a simple $5 tag for each job. To find out what you are good at, and you can ask them for money to complete their task. A few gigs for the day and you can purchase yourself a new Wii U console with tonnes of games without taking money from your parents.

Final Words:

These are the few and trusted legal methods on how to get Free eShop Codes Online. Always look out for any ongoing deals happening on the Nintendo website as well.